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All 7th graders were leaving for a camping trip on Tuesday and when this happened it was the day before that tuesday. That day I was in the canteen with some of my friends and there was this reeaally annoying guy '( I WILL CALL HIM CREEP) that had been stalking me and shit. 5 of my friends went up to me and said: Omg that really annoying guy is bothering us, he wants your number.' I didnt want to give him my number, duh, so I said: You can tell him to go fuck himself.' The left to tell him. I was shaking because I was a bit scared he didnt want to leave me alone. 

A view seconds later MY CRUSH CAME to me, with his friend. I was so damn nervous and didnt expect him to come to me. E. leaned on the table and said: 'What did you do to your hair :)? ' *my natural hair is super curly, but I straightened it that day* I said really exaggerated ( My bff told me I was exaggerating later): I straightened it :) 
He said: It looks nice! His friend punched him and told him whispering: Dude, is that all you have to say? This is your chance ffs.' E. said: 'No, I will talk to her later again..!' I felt I was blushing so I turned around abit. My crush said: "Bye talk to you later :)' 

Know I knew for sure; I was the girl he had a crush on ^^. 

BAM! Hit by reality, I was dragged to the CREEP by my 'Friends'! I was so, so, so mad.  But hey, E. TALKED TO MEEE!!

What would happen the next couple days, weeks, months, oh well, no one would expect thát to happen...

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He replied: Yeah, thats possible. I have number 1300 or something xd. 

You know whats sexy? When a guy winks at you with a half smirk and you are like: did that really happen or am I dreaming, I need awnsers?! Okay, so he was one of the guys who could pull that off ^^. 

My awnser was: '' Ohh yeah, then you are the guy I mean. ;P Your winks are really cute btw ;)

It was like that made him remember who I was. Instantly he acted different, nicer, cuter, more flirty-ish. ( You didnt hear me complain though... ;D )

He sended: ' Hahahah yeah, but only to cute girls ;)

Well, let me break it down for you, he did. 
It was a really nice compliment and I was flattered, but the 'Only to cute girlS' ?! He must have done this quite some times, right? That made me think: I should be carefull, this might be a heartbreaker. I didnt want to make him think I was suspicious too much, we just started talking!

I replied: Hahaha ;) I must be one of the many cute girls here at school, right?

He knew what I meant right away (What appeared to be later on: he was kind of a player)

His awnser was: ahahah Noo! ;0 

* after a month I read some of his tweets and one tweet he sended, the same minute he sended me the reply was: She thinks no guy can be trusted!* And he lied, lied, lied, lied, lied. 

I was kind of done with this subject, I wanted a actual conversation. Therefore I said: hahahah yeahh right... What class are you in now? 

Bla bla bla bla bla, he was in geography. 

We flirted and flirted and flirted. Then he asked for my number, which I gave. But.. I never talked to him in real life yet :(

Then we talked on Whatsapp for a couple of days. I followed him on Twitter aswell and what appeared to be: He was maaadly in love and when I say madly, I mean MADLY IN LOVE. 'Having a girl on your mind 24/7 isn't normal, right?!' 'She is so damn prettyy * with a smiley of a hand that portrays: perfect *" '23:23 sheee <3'' He also talked with his friends alot about this crush. I was pretty happy and I felt like there was a chance it could be me he had a huge crush on, but on the other hand, he did flirt sooo much and I saw some of the girls he tweeted with and they were so pretty. He also knew them for a long time. That made me pretty insecure...

Mijn eerste liefdee 1.0

Okay, so i'm not gonna say his name, I will call him; E.

I just started high school and I was so damn nervous the first day. Me and some of my friends were in the hallway chatting, then I saw a cute guy standing there. I was like: OMG You are so hot ^^. He must have thought the same about me, because we looked at eachother for a while. Me flirting with that guy was a sign for me that this year, everything will go okay; that I shouldn't worry...

Days went by and I saw that guy, E, more often. In the meantime I found myself a bff, we could talk about anything, so I told her I had a crush on a guy for a while now. But I didn't know his name. She got really excited and said: 'We are going to find out who he is and he is going to notice you!' I thought that was a good idea. I knew in which group he was in and I got more curious day by day. One day I noticed he wasn't at school and I knew this was my chance, so I asked a guy: - who is in the same group as he is - Was somebody sick today in your group? He replied: 'Well yeah, E was sick today. YES YES YES YES OMG YES YES! I FINALLY FOUND OUT HIS NAME! 

At our school we have a system called "Itslearning". You can find people on there aswell. So I searched his first name and BAMMM there it was: E. K. He was the only one with that name in our school, so I knew for sure it was my guy. On Itslearning you can also chat and e-mail with eachother, so I sent him a message saying:
'' Heey,

I think I've seen you a few times in school :) Just so I know for sure .. What is your lockernumber?